Spring Break Rehearsals

From our director: Hello! We have finalized our spring break schedule (3/13-3/17) for rehearsals.

  • Monday, 3/13: Character work/coaching for Obi, Kai, Alexandra A., Addison, Avi, Atlee, Alexandra D., Carter
  • Tuesday, 3/14: No rehearsal!
  • Wednesday, 3/15: Character work/coaching for Cayton, Anna, Faith, Timmy, Summer, Lucy, Alice, Penny
  • Thursday, 3/16: Scene 2 for Billy Bones, Black Dog, Johnny (Avi, Atlee, and Alexandra)
  • Friday, 3/17: Fight choreography for McGraw v. Smollett (Summer and Griff)

I wanted to give my skeletons a break since later rehearsals are coming soon and I want them to be able to rest up.

For those who would like to come in on character work days that were not called or plans might have changed, just let me know and we would love to have you! Additionally, if I have you scheduled for a day you are not available, just message me and let me know as I might have just misread the Google form responses.

Thank you! And as always, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

Treasure Island