Cast/Crew Information

Show Poster

03/15/2023 - 6:57pm

Thanks to Lindsey Rhea for creating a wonderful poster. Please download and share wherever you can to promote the show. Let us know if you need printed copies.


Ticket Sales

03/07/2023 - 9:00pm

We are very excited for this production of "Treasure Island." We have a great cast and crew, and things are off to a great start. Help us make this happen by selling 5 tickets, which sell in advance for $5.00 each. Tickets sold at the door are $7.00. Each cast member will receive an envelope with 5 white advance tickets to sell along with 2 yellow complimentary tickets per family and an information sheet.

Spring Break Rehearsals

03/06/2023 - 5:38pm

From our director: Hello! We have finalized our spring break schedule (3/13-3/17) for rehearsals.

Fight Rehearsals

02/20/2023 - 6:50am

Upcoming fight rehearsal calls will be as follows.

Friday 2/24: Smollett, Merry, Dick, Liversey, Morgan, Job, Trelawney

Friday 3/3: Smollet, McGraw, Livesey, Scudamore, Trelaney, Davis

Please let us know if you are available for a rehearsal any day of Pitt County's spring break (March 13-17).

Cast Breakdown

02/02/2023 - 10:18pm

There's a new cast breakdown posted on the FaceBook Group with a few modifications. Nothing major should have changed, but the asterisks next to certain scenes for characters denotes that they either have no lines, are a bar regular, or they are a part of The Dead.

Additionally, Captain Flint is called for more scenes than he will attend this first week. He will not be required until 2/8 as most of his scenes address the audience and involve working with members of The Dead, which we are not incorporating until after this first round of blocks.

Orange Block for February 2

02/01/2023 - 8:36pm

From the director:

While I am still working out some kinks of the cast call, I'm going to send out who is needed at rehearsal for the Orange Block (scenes 4, 10, 12). Again, just a reminder, we do NOT need The Dead or Captain Flint for this first round of rehearsals. However, for my skeletons and Captain Flint, get ready because we have some cool stuff coming your way.

Trelawney, Jim, Hands, O'Brien, Ben Gunn

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Green Block for February 1

01/31/2023 - 8:37pm

From the director:

Tomorrow is our first rehearsal for the GREEN BLOCK (which is Scenes 13 and 14). However, members of THE DEAD are not called. If you are unsure if your child is a member of the Dead, it will consist of all the skeletons and the characters that have died at this point. Since this is a later scene, I will list the characters that I believe are called for tomorrow:

Silver, Cap'n, Job, Morgan, Alan, Dick, Merry, Scudamore, Harry, Alan, Jim, Gunn, Smollett, Trelawney, Livesey

Signup for Monitoring and Costume Fittings

01/27/2023 - 6:55am

The links are now live to sign up for monitoring duties and costume fittings. A reminder that our first rehearsal is this coming Monday January 30 at 6:30pm. The entire cast are called to attend to meet Ms. Reagan, Morgan our stage manager, each other, and will receive their scripts. Parents will pay fees, sign final paperwork, and meet with committee chairs to better understand volunteer opportunities / responsibilities.

Calendar and Call by Role Sheet

01/26/2023 - 6:22pm

Attached are the cast calendar and Call by Role sheet. We will go over this information in tonight's new Parent orientation. These documents will also be available in the Facebook Group and as handouts at Monday's parent meeting.

Please note: the skeletons will not be called to the first rehearsal for Green Block (Scenes 13 & 14), Orange Block (Scenes 4, 10, 12), or Blue Block (Scenes 3, 9, 11).

For the pirates in Yellow Block (Scenes 5 & 7), only those with lines are called to the first rehearsal (no Roberts, McGraw, Teach, Hands, O'Brien, or Kidd).


Cast List for Treasure Island

01/21/2023 - 10:10pm

Casting is now complete for our spring show, Treasure Island. Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned; please see the attached list for specific role assignments and use this link to accept your role by Monday evening.